Document Remediation

Building an accessible document inventory

In most settings it’s mandatory to meet the required standards of accessibility for documents. We understand the challenge you might face is the sheer volume of documents created back when accessibility considerations were less of a priority. It can seem a daunting task, but we can help with the heavy lifting.

Which documents

  • PDF

    We produce PDF documents that meet the PDF/UA ISO standard, to compliment WCAG 2.1/2.2 conformance and best meet the needs of those accessing PDFs using assistive technologies.

    Our PDF accessibility remediation services will ensure your PDF documents can be read and navigated as easily as any well-structured webpage, disregarding their level of complexity.

  • Microsoft Office

    While PDF is the most frequently used document format, we also remediate app-specific documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint to ensure that all of your digital content is accessible by everyone.

How it works

  1. Evaluation

    Our colleagues of accessibility experts evaluate your documents from the Usability and Accessibility standpoints before joining forces with your team to outline a plan for a quick turnaround and cost effective remediation activities for your documents.

  2. Remediation

    In light of our human-centred approach, we work your existing documents and complete checks on the content and make adjustments to ensure they meet the required accessibility standards and are appropriate for everyone including disabled people and those who use assistive technology.

    The types of checks we make include ensuring you have an appropriate heading structure, textual image descriptions, correctly tagged lists and tables with IDs, decorative images marked as artefacts, ensuring sufficient colour contrast and much more.

  3. Delivery

    Any remediation activities are noted in the Remediation Report that will be delivered to you along with your Fully Accessible Documents.