Inclusive Design Review

Building accessibility from the outset

Our born-accessible approach helps building in accessibility from the very start of the project, this saves development time further down the road. Inclusive Design and born-accessible approaches provide many benefits to your organisation beyond increasing the attractiveness of your digital products to a wide audience. 

Which products

  • Websites

    It doesn’t matter how big or small your website is, public or restricted to specific groups, or built using a specific technology or framework; we will help you having a website that everyone can satisfactorily access, use and engage with especially those with disabilities.

  • Mobile Sites and Apps

    As disabled and elderly people with assistive needs increase their reliance on mobile devices, accessible mobile-specific development is more crucial than ever. We are specialised in running Inclusive Design Reviews to all products that could possibly be accessed using a mobile device, from dedicated or responsive mobile sites to cross-platform or native (Android or iOS) mobile applications.

  • Design Systems

    Building a design system as the single source of truth for your products and digital experiences is crucial to help your teams solving problems consistently and preventing technical debts. We can help you having all of the components across your design system accessible by default.

How it works

Researches confirm that building accessible digital products and services from the outset is 10 times cheaper than fixing accessibility failures post development.

  • Design Audit

    In light of our human-centred approach, we review your design comps to provide Feedback that addresses the accessibility failures against WCAG 2.1/2.2 Success Criteria at either A or AA level of conformance. Accessibility failures are design-based failures that definitely need to be resolved.

    Our Feedback will be shared with your design team in a report with fully detailed description of each failure, its impact, and the respective resolution.

  • Accessibility Specs Guide

    Our born-accessible approach consists on helping your development teams with all needed accessibility features for the proposed design comps from the very start of the project.

    The proposed Accessibility Specs Guide will be shared with your development teams in a separate report that addresses each component, its usage, respective accessibility features, and a working prototype if applicable.