Accessibility Audit

Identifying accessibility barriers

It’s not enough for your products to be technically accessible, they also have to be usable for people with disabilities. We combine our deep understanding of accessibility guidelines – together with years of experience in best practice – to overcome any barriers your users might have accessing your products.

Which products

  • Websites

    It doesn’t matter how big or small your website is, public or restricted to specific groups, in which stage, or built using a specific technology or framework; we will help you having a website that everyone can satisfactorily access, use and engage with especially those with disabilities.

  • Mobile Sites and Apps

    As disabled and elderly people with assistive needs increase their reliance on mobile devices, accessible mobile-specific development is more crucial than ever. We are specialised in running Accessibility Audits to all products that could possibly be accessed using a mobile device, from dedicated or responsive mobile sites to cross-platform or native (Android or iOS) mobile applications.

How it works

It is vital to measure up how your digital product conforms to WCAG Success Criteria.

But we don’t just aim for WCAG conformance, we’ll help you provide the best possible experience to your users based on the best practices we’ve collected over years of working with users and assistive technology.

  1. Initial audit

    In light of our human-centred approach, we review your digital product to provide Feedback that addresses all accessibility failures that definitely need to be resolved against WCAG 2.1/2.2 Success Criteria at either A or AA level of conformance.

    Our Feedback will be shared with your teams in a report with a fully detailed description of each failure, its impact and priority, and the respective resolution.

  2. Verification

    Once your teams have fixed the accessibility failures that were captured in the Initial Audit, rounds of Verification reviews will be conducted to help ensuring that all failures have been fixed and all components and widgets are functionally accessible.

    Our Verification consists of a series of iterative reviews to ensure that you’ve met your conformance target.

  3. Conformance Statement

    A Conformance Statement provides a factual account of your digital product, summarising where it does and does not conform to the WCAG 2.1/2.2 Success Criteria at either A or AA level of conformance.

    It provides a summary of what was reviewed, how it was reviewed, and the results of the reviews whether your digital product is Fully or Partially Conformant